Motor Starter

A motor starter is an electrical device that is used to start & stop a motor safely. Similar to a relay, the motor starter switches the power ON/OFF & unlike a relay, it also provides a low voltage & overcurrent protection.

The main function of a motor starter is;

  • To safely start a motor

  • To safely stop a motor

  • To reverse the direction of a motor

  • To protect the motor from low voltage & overcurrent.

Why We Need a Starter with a Motor?

A motor starter is essential for starting an induction motor. It is because of its low rotor impedance. The rotor impedance depends on the slip of the induction motor which is the relative speed between the rotor & stator. The impedance varies inversely with the slip. The slip of the induction motor is at maximum i.e. 1 at standstill (rest position), thus the impedance is at its minimum & it draws a huge amount of current called inrush current. The high inrush current magnetizes the air gap between the rotor & stator that induces an EMF in the rotor winding. This EMF produces an electrical current in rotor winding that creates a magnetic field to generate torque in the rotor. As the rotor speed increases the slip of the motor decreases & the current drawn by the motor is reduced.


Agriculture Motor Starter

Three Phase SMC Agriculture Starter Panel, 440V, IP Rating: IP55 ; Phase. Three Phase ; Frequency Range. 50 Hz - 60 Hz ; Material. SMC


  • Shockproof and rustproof

  • Fire retardant

  • Durable and lightweight

  • Weatherproof

  • Maintenance-free

  • Suitable for housing, mini dol starter/star delta starter panel box along with ammeter, voltmeter, preventive devices and features


  • Government bodies in the field of agriculture and irrigation

  • Agriculture equipment manufacturers/suppliers and intermediates

  • Farmers